Friends at Floriade

Friends at Floriade

Friends at Floriade

Hello and Happy November. We have been away and seeing more of our great country. From camping to staying with family. To holiday rentals and motels. We’ve experienced the lot.

From 80th birthday’s in Geelong, to cruising the Sydney Harbour to weddings on the beach at gorgeous Mollymook. What a frantic paced driving experience for two and a half weeks with three kids in the backseat surrounded by stuffed toys and pillows. It was all BRILLIANT!

I haven’t had time to process it all in my head but thought I needed to share just one little piece with you. Floriade in Canberra is once a year. They create a park of gorgeous flowers. We were there on the last weekend of it only to learn the bulbs are all torn out of the ground the week after the show and the park ceases to be full of vibrant displays until next spring.

Thanks Amie for showing us around.




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