A Large Amount of Rain!

Naomi Petrack Gorge2

Lots of rain makes for great pics and happy dams!


Curtain Call for Catapult Earth – Thank you for those that have supported us!

Catapult Earth

Catapult Earth

It’s been a learning experience. I realise we tried to start a business and then had baby number 3 so that limited my capacity to go out selling our tees. If only we had cracked the www. market, or even the mainland market maybe??  We missed out on a grant. No networks. So many factors that ultimately has meant no more fabulous tees made here in Tasmania.

How can we compete with the big outdoor gear labels when they sell 2 x merino tees for $50? Our tees cost more than that per unit to make! …. But it was never about competing! It was just about creating and making an income from something that was going to grow and evolve overtime. Giving people an opportunity to own something unique and made with love. Something limited. A walking piece of art!

Maybe that’s the wrong attitude? It was never meant to be a short term investment but after 5 years of planning, creating and bringing our business into being it’s time to read the writing on the wall! Not once have we had any negative feedback. We haven’t had much of a budget for advertising. We maybe should have not put our tees into shops on commission as there is no incentive to sell? Who knows. Ultimately I believe our drive was purely creative and not selling… We thought the word would spread. But it’s just not the right product.

But I still have this unfulfilled drive to create a business that works for us and the family. I wont be going away. At the moment though we are at a loss to know where to start. Children get sick and being number 1 carer, taxi driver, chef, gardener… the list goes on. But over the next 2 – 3 years I feel a change in the wind. When all are at school. I just have to be more patient and just keep researching when I can. Talking to people and believing that I might still be able to make something work in the end?

Anyhow, we have limited numbers of merino tees left. I’ll forward the list here incase anyone is interested in getting in touch. They are very limited and very unique. Designed and made in Tasmania. There aren’t many things that can boast of this. And a bargain at $90 plus freight. Email me if you are interested at nomewome@gmail.com

Thank you again to those who did buy a tee! We are humbled by your support and we are sorry to let you down. We know some of you bought over consecutive years and were eager for more! Believe me, we wanted to give you more! ….. All good though. Stay tuned for the next big thing 😉

Have a fabulous day! 🙂


Elements – Women’s Merino
Large: 2 x Red
1 x Brown
Medium:3 x Brown
Small:1 x Red


Blown Away – Women’s Merino
Large:1 x Blue
1 x Green
Medium:5 x Blue
1 x Grey
Small:1 x Blue
Blown Away

Blown Away

Catapulted – Women’s Merino
XLarge:1 x Green
2 x Red
Large:1 x Green
2 x Red
1 x Brown
Medium:3 x Red
3 x Brown


Man V’s Rock – Men’s Merino
Large:2 x Red
Medium:4 x Medium
Small:1 x Green
Man V's Rock

Man V’s Rock

Aqualung – Men’s Merino
Small: 1 x Blue


Elements – Mens Merino
XLarge: 1 x Brown
Large:4 x Brown
Medium:3 x Brown
Small: 4 x Brown


Freak Out – Men’s Merino
XLarge:2 x Green
Large:5 x Green
Medium:3 x Medium
Small: 1 x Small
Freak Out

Freak Out


Going places!

Cradle Mountain by Naomi Petrack

Cradle Mountain by Naomi Petrack


I have been going through my old photos and moving them to a new drive. I do feel slightly uncomfortable not having print-outs or negatives. I am guessing I am not alone in this feeling. Of course people take so many more photos these days and it would take a room to store mine all printed out by the end of my career… Maybe sooner? But they are my legacy! A visual diary of a life lived! Really interesting for others to study in a 100 years time. My descendants maybe?

Anyhow, I came across this one. I actually sold a version some years back to be used in a brochure! I love it. The girls are tweens now. Time just flies! But it is also relevant to our lives now as we currently pack to travel for a few weeks. Unlike so many other families we know we will be staying in Australia. Probably spending twice as much by doing this but we have some family commitments along the way!

Looking forward to leaving this wet-windy State I’m sorry to say. It hasn’t been an easy winter for the outdoor pursuits with a family in-tow here in Tasmania!

I will be in touch!

Enjoy your October!


Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo from home!

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

I am so frustrated! I know I could have done better with my photos but do you think I could get my glass doors unlocked with one hand while they glided around my verandah in front of my nose! AARRGGHHH! So frustrating! One day I WILL get a shot I feel worthy of my wall! I WILL! They are my animal! The one that I feel privilege to see!

Not sure what is going on here?

Not sure what is going on here?

Yellow-tailed Black Cockies. They must know me by now! This freaky lady that rushes out to say hi whenever they glide by!

Yellow-tailed Black Cockies. They must know me by now! The freaky lady that rushes out to say hi whenever they glide by!

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

A friend who visits and we know then the weather is bad in the highlands!

Have a great week!



Wear it this way Mum!

Catapult Earth Merino Tee Made in Tassie!

Catapult Earth Merino Tee Made in Tassie!

Now honestly, I’m back on the path of discovery. What beautiful light we had tonight….. totally out of the blue when the weather has been so crap! That is raining and cold for at least 6 weeks now. I’m starting to think we live in the Antarctic region where in winter, the penguins never see the light of day! But today for the briefest of times it showed it’s face and I thought I would get daughter no. 2 in one of our merino tees to give our FB page a bit of a lift!

Was happy with the result and wanted to share!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

On the beach earlier on in the year!

On the beach earlier on in the year!

Appropriate I thought for this weeks photo challenge!

Have a great weekend!


Paradise comes with it’s own costs! OR Midlife Crisis?

I'm like a bird, I want to fly away.....But I know where my home is!

I’m like a bird, I want to fly away…..But I know where my home is!

White Goshawk. Always a friendly face when we see him! Ok Unless we have baby chicks running about! But totally unrelated to the story I’m about to tell!

Now all my blogs have been light hearted and not at all controversial. I’m just a simple lass after all. But as I sit here in my cold house on a wet winters day in August. Trying to keep my toddler warm without costing us a fortune in electricity costs I just feel the need to vent a little.

Please be aware that this is not in anyway meant to upset anyone. It’s all about ME! And I think the beginnings of a midlife -crisis!

About the heating… We installed a heat pump and we were so close to pulling out the wood heater but are so thankful we didn’t as electricity bills have gone up so much in the last few years that this is the third winter we haven’t afforded to put it on. But wood costs to buy too you say. Yes it does. We buy, scrounge off cuts from a mill with all the rehoused refugees and buy a licence each year to cut wood. This is time we could be spending as a family between school and all the other commitments children seem to accumulate as they grow. No we must cut wood. That leads me to renovating….

We have renovated each of the two homes we have lived in over 20 years. (That is we sold one to buy the next). In this house that we have gone into debit further to extend and replace the roof which would have caused the whole house to eventually collapse in years to come due to dodgy illegal renovations 20-30 years before we bought it.. Still hasn’t got a new kitchen. It would be maybe 30-40 years old. We can’t afford to replace it. We will continue to spend our precious time, money as we have it and youth to perfecting our home without outside aide until we are too old and then who knows?

I’m not complaining but setting the scene here. We have not paid for anyone to paint our old house. We have done this ourselves over years. My hubby built our deck. The constant maintenance on an old house is our love as well as looking after the garden and it’s dozen bloody roses bushes! And we are so very grateful to have it mortgaged in our name.

It all takes time. More affluent Australian’s spend their time dining out or going overseas for holidays while a paid gardener/cleaner/painter looks after their assets! But that is their luck. We have luck in other areas of life, being the fact we have 3 of the most beautiful creatures that have ever lived as our children. We give them all we can.

I am reaching 40 now and I can see clearly the sacrifices I have made in the name of the obviously “out-of-date’ Aussie dream of a supportive partner, a job, house and children. (We can’t afford the vet fees to consider the dog!) Plus we stayed in Tassie!  I will have bugger all ‘super’ when I retire. I wonder what that will bring when so many couples choose not to have children? They will live like kings while parents who have grown the next generation of Australian’s will  live like poorpers in a country that pretends to support the needs of middle class Australian’s?????? OR will Super be so taxed that the scarifies they have made NOT to have children wont make them any better off????

Yes we pay for a Catholic Education. We struggle to do what we think is right! Hike up the prices there Mr Priminister and see how you can afford to keep thousands of extra children educated in State schools when the average Aussie’s who pay for schooling can’t push themselves to pay the fees anymore!

As of last year I have a cert III in Education Support. Didn’t realise at the time that there was NO JOBS and after working 1 term in a school have no job security and no paid holidays, no nothing! How can I afford to pay for childcare ‘just incase ‘ a school can afford an Aide for a day here and there????? Hence my hands are totally tied until my youngest goes to school in 2015! Give the schools more money for crying out loud!

There isn’t much opportunity for employment here in Tasmania and while I was bed ridden with my pregnancies my career in graphics slipped away. No temping agencies in Launi! I have tried to reinvent myself half a dozen times and will continue to try until something gives me the flexibility to work and look after a home and nuture a family without setting  my marriage on a path to destruction. Too many paths leading away from home for too long is no good! I don’t want to ever get divorced! I do not want ever for my children to feel I have neglected them!  Is my choice wrong?

But I DO, want to be able to bring in a little bit of money and I want our business to take off in some direction that will keep me interested and make enough from it to give it and me purpose. That would be SUPER FANTASTIC!

I feel time is starting to grow short for me in as far as getting my career underway. I really hope I am wrong!

I don’t remember facts and figures regarding politics and rising debit but I do know all I hear at the moment is negative to my situation! Money needs to be spent to upgrade infrastructure. I worry about medical needs when we are ill. Even with Private Health Insurance??????? What a farce really. Anyway, we wont go there. I don’t take my children to the doctors like I used to as we simply can’t afford to. We make do! Google is a great tool!

This is leading me to mention the local News report on TV last night. It showed a picture of our Premier and the State’s growing unemployment percentages. In 2 years the unemployment rate has jumped by 3%. (Over 8% now!) That’s not including me and others like me trying to scratch something out of working from home. My other siblings have had to move away and have no children to make a good living!

I don’t mind battling I really don’t. It keeps you humble and it’s good for the sole. But only to an extent. Prolonged abuse and I am concerned our health will suffer! My husband works full-time and also he has taken onboard a Masters degree in what can’t be classed as spare time! It is during the night. 2-4 hours in bed a night he gets! Why is he doing this? We both aren’t quite sure yet but maybe it might help somewhere down the track? But we have to do something to maybe help our cause even when the path is unclear! But it is clear only 1 of us can complete uni at a time in this juggle!

I am concerned that the cost of giving our children the same options we had is becoming beyond our reach! I’m worried about where the money will come from. Where have the days gone where a Father’s wage supported the family and the Mother’s meagre earnings were the icing on the cake so that the children could have a week away at the beach in summer? Everything is so much more expensive! Don’t get me started on groceries and how ‘up-with-it’ I have to be with Flybuy tokens to get $20’s off! What….. no not going there!

Made in Tassie and proud. But how much is it worth to stay here? I wont be voting Labor I’m sorry to say. It’s time to see if Liberal can change things for me and don’t give me “It’s all about the global financial crisis”.  I don’t think either party can help. But it’s worth a try? … Maybe? Hey, America was up the shit yesterday almost in collapse. Now their dollar is worth more than ours again and climbing! Are we almost in collapse now? I’m confused?

The bottom line though is as I said, “I’m just a simple middle class  AUSTRALIAN/tasmanian what do I know??” But I do know I live in paradise. I don’t live in a war zone nor have I had to live through a natural disaster. (Though they have occurred here in Tassie in the form of bush fires!) I also have many good people around me. There is also opportunity though limited, there is. AND WE HAVE OUR HEALTH! So why am I complaining? I have just come to the realisation that paradise this may be, but it comes it seems with it’s own costs! ………… or is it midlife crisis?

Have a good weekend