Overnight Camp a Big Success at the Beach: Part One

Twilight frolicking beneath the Hazard Mountains at Coles Bay

Twilight frolicking beneath the Hazard Mountains at Coles Bay

Long weekend and never a dull moment in our household. Between dancing and sporting activities, parties and daytime naps there never seems enough time in the year to have a guilt free night away.

But night away we did have. Nappies and all!

Hubby had been hinting for quite sometime now that instead of just taking big kids he would like me to start coming again on these amazing experiences. Of course, sleep depraved and irritable there was no way I could be convinced of staying in a tent with all its discomforts until I was feeling up to it.

I have been there and done that for 6 months hardcore through Europe with him! Locally we have braved it with the other two. I love it don’t get me wrong. But there are certain things that hubby has made clear that he does without the rest of us if he is given an inch!

One example being that if we are anywhere near a mountain, he is up at 4am to climb it. One trip I realised upon finally arising at 7am with a vomiting 4 year old and two year old of whom I had been trying to keep quiet since 4am due to her Father’s unsuccessful quiet departure from the campsite. (He pipped the horn!) That he had left me without water and transport. It was too early for our neighbours and too early for the camp operators that had their shop at the entrance at least a kilometre away! And yes I did run down to check!

Another time it pelted with rain on pack-up shortly after our beach walk to a cafe that had ended with the 3 year old throwing strawberry milkshake all over herself until she was so wet that at first glance anyone on the beach may have thought we had thrown her in the ocean! Of course come a little closer and she smelt of sore strawberry milk! The rain on this day was drenching and cold! Then the car wouldn’t start!

Anyway there has been other instances too but I wont elaborate as I feel this will deflate my argument somewhat by ‘over doing-it a bit’.

Now you may say “oh that’s all the fun of it”. True! But I can limit the fun thanks. When I have the energy to deal with it all …… and the washing!

But this weekend we were all good to go!……….

We did have to revise how we catered for the big girls though. The $10 boogie boards were not going to cut-the-mustard in the bay, so we brought $15 blow-up boats from Kmart! We looked at $400 kayaks and the like and decided the girls needed to see whether it was likely to be something they enjoyed first. Then maybe they might need to talk to Santa?

….And so we set ourselves up for the first drama! Second child fitted 2 oars and decided when Mum said it was time to turn around and row back in the opposite direction, that she would panic and start to float away…. Sigh…. Super Dad to the rescue! Not without a lot of screaming and tears mind you! Of which continued as the ‘flavour of the moment’ for at LEAST half and hour afterwards!….. Get my drift??? (Pardon the pun!)

Enjoying a peaceful paddle before number two decided to panic and start "very slowly" to drift away!

Enjoying a peaceful paddle before number two decided to panic and start “very slowly” to drift away!

That sorted, we moved on to beach combing. We found an octopus in the sand. It was definitely a highlight. We moved him into the ocean as he was at risk of being trodden on in the sand where he was hiding! He was amazing to watch and as he was quite keen to wrap his tentacles around anything. We found two big chunky pieces of wood to move him with. He wasn’t a blue-ringed octopus but we have read that all octopus are venomous. We weren’t taking ANY chances. Toddler was very cautious and followed her big sisters lead in this situation! That was pleasing to see.

We cartwheeled our way back to camp and thought about cooking dinner.

But I will have to continue tomorrow………….

Until then


With two sticks we moved him back into the ocean and watched him swim off.

With two sticks we moved him back into the ocean and watched him swim off.