Wear it this way Mum!

Catapult Earth Merino Tee Made in Tassie!

Catapult Earth Merino Tee Made in Tassie!

Now honestly, I’m back on the path of discovery. What beautiful light we had tonight….. totally out of the blue when the weather has been so crap! That is raining and cold for at least 6 weeks now. I’m starting to think we live in the Antarctic region where in winter, the penguins never see the light of day! But today for the briefest of times it showed it’s face and I thought I would get daughter no. 2 in one of our merino tees to give our FB page a bit of a lift!

Was happy with the result and wanted to share!




I still haven’t found my ‘web-feet’!

As of yet I haven’t posted anything on my blog about the logic – so to speak –  behind some of our designs. This one is my hubby’s and a total boy thing but I can see where it comes from and why people like it! My boy is so clever!

It’s a gecko and he’s rock climbing. That’s the simple version. Quoted from our website in Boris’s words:

A limited edition tee.

Clinging in desperation. The crux seems impossible from this angle. Gathering strength – calculating the move, poised, there is only one way to go.
I’m a Gecko on the edge!!

A Gecko on the edge!

A Gecko on the edge!

He looks very vulnerable me thinks! It captures that sense of the need to take the next step into the unknown!

Appropriate ………………….

You know I find it the weirdest sensation owning a blog or a webpage. You know people are watching even if you’re not.  If you don’t access it everyday it seems that it just floats away from shore like a boat cast a drift on a rippling endless lake. Only the edge you stand upon seems clear. Then a few days or months later you use this edge  to wade into the cold dark water and drag your boat back to shore. Then you take time to dry yourself off before you enter your own created world. The one you have set afloat.

Now sometimes much to my disgust, I know that some of us, (Me included) are, and always have been, too honest for our own good. But I do live in the hope that one day that honesty will bring with it a certain kind of reward. I don’t know what yet? Maybe clarity? That would be good! But I resign to the fact that I think how I feel, and try and have faith that I’m not leading myself down the garden path or into the face of immanent disaster!

As we had child number three our little business was put on hold and so I in particular have gone months without looking at out beloved website. Tax time and now suddenly I’m updating inventory and trying to learn a bit more about the delicate intricacies that the world of the web provides. I’m doing this by surfing myself into more knowledge and without too much outside influence I’m heading in my own direction. Good or bad? I am unsure. Isn’t this world’s success measured by the connections we make? In thus I feel a total novice! Exposed. Set a drift in that little boat I so dutifully waded back to shore.

I do choose to keep on searching. I’m creating not only in the artistic sense. But the way I traverse my way though the land of ‘www’. I share my blog on our Facebook page. I want to learn how our website works now so I can download onto that. How does it all interconnect? (That’s a biggy!) How do people find me? How do I find them? My dreams may only be ‘my’ delusions but it keeps me going.

 Enjoy your HUMp day