Busting a New Move! Or revisiting an old one?

Portraits are the real deal!

Portraits are the real deal!

For Sure!

Trained as a Graphic Designer my creative history leads me from Newspaper Editorial Design, Brochures and Logos to Wedding Photography, Portraits and Product Photography. Now in my 40’s, a mother of three . I am loving everyday photography and focusing on the little things. Capturing a fleeting mood on the face of a child helps to feed my hunger for capturing the essence of life in my work! My world! I have had so many comments and wonderful encouragement from others in regards to the images I have captured of my own children. I’m now striving to find that fine balance with others children.  I’m eager to grab the essence of others and see how far I can run with it! I’m looking for clients with that same open-minded desire! I have a huge desire to make my photography business grow and be successful and sustainable. A lot of “Mum” photographers make the mistake of starting their business based on the fact they have the gear already and so any contribution to the household income is just a wonderful ego boost. They fail (including myself) to make their business one that can maintain itself. They don’t factor in the costs of upgrading technology, replacing old gear and maintenance on equipment. They never think to pay themselves a wage let alone putting some aside to pay super, tax, gst and so on and so forth. A lot of clients forget that every business needs to factor in these costs and often opt for the cheapest professional on the market. Being a mother of three, I have up until now leant on the gear that I have and believed that hubbies income will be enough. Without flexibility to go back to work to make a wage little amounts that come in through photography every now and then are a treat. But now our children are heading up in the years we need that second income badly so to justify my prices and pay respect to paying myself more than $2.50 an hour I have come up with some packages that suit me and hopefully will suit many happy clients. I also believe that by giving my photos away on disk by the 100’s is not an ultimately happy option. To give you the chance to have your images printed professionally for your wall or coffee table will make you and I feel like we have produced something special. We will have achieved something together. If you spent hundreds even thousands of dollars to have me take your images the last thing you want is to have to go down to your local 9c a pic printer and spend more money for an often inferior product. Not that I don’t give you the option to purchase downloads. But that’s only once we have produced something we can hold in our hands! So stay tuned. My packages will be coming your way shortly! I just have to work through what I want to offer! Keep smiling and wish me luck! Nomewome

Naomi Petrack Photography


I still haven’t found my ‘web-feet’!

As of yet I haven’t posted anything on my blog about the logic – so to speak –  behind some of our designs. This one is my hubby’s and a total boy thing but I can see where it comes from and why people like it! My boy is so clever!

It’s a gecko and he’s rock climbing. That’s the simple version. Quoted from our website in Boris’s words:

A limited edition tee.

Clinging in desperation. The crux seems impossible from this angle. Gathering strength – calculating the move, poised, there is only one way to go.
I’m a Gecko on the edge!!

A Gecko on the edge!

A Gecko on the edge!

He looks very vulnerable me thinks! It captures that sense of the need to take the next step into the unknown!

Appropriate ………………….

You know I find it the weirdest sensation owning a blog or a webpage. You know people are watching even if you’re not.  If you don’t access it everyday it seems that it just floats away from shore like a boat cast a drift on a rippling endless lake. Only the edge you stand upon seems clear. Then a few days or months later you use this edge  to wade into the cold dark water and drag your boat back to shore. Then you take time to dry yourself off before you enter your own created world. The one you have set afloat.

Now sometimes much to my disgust, I know that some of us, (Me included) are, and always have been, too honest for our own good. But I do live in the hope that one day that honesty will bring with it a certain kind of reward. I don’t know what yet? Maybe clarity? That would be good! But I resign to the fact that I think how I feel, and try and have faith that I’m not leading myself down the garden path or into the face of immanent disaster!

As we had child number three our little business was put on hold and so I in particular have gone months without looking at out beloved website. Tax time and now suddenly I’m updating inventory and trying to learn a bit more about the delicate intricacies that the world of the web provides. I’m doing this by surfing myself into more knowledge and without too much outside influence I’m heading in my own direction. Good or bad? I am unsure. Isn’t this world’s success measured by the connections we make? In thus I feel a total novice! Exposed. Set a drift in that little boat I so dutifully waded back to shore.

I do choose to keep on searching. I’m creating not only in the artistic sense. But the way I traverse my way though the land of ‘www’. I share my blog on our Facebook page. I want to learn how our website works now so I can download onto that. How does it all interconnect? (That’s a biggy!) How do people find me? How do I find them? My dreams may only be ‘my’ delusions but it keeps me going.

 Enjoy your HUMp day


Hello world!

Hello everyone! I’m nutting out this whole world of “Blog” and it’s hard going with half a brain connected constantly to the outside world of kids and babes! But I will try and devote some regular time to pursuing my understanding of this artificial world to hopefully find the knowledge to create a bit of the outside world within this little box! Stay tuned! I’m being summoned already! So they say in the movies…..”I’ll be back!”………