What a Smelly Museum it must be!

Avoca Museum and Information Centre Signage placement!

Avoca Museum and Information Centre Signage placement!

Today, I am sharing this with you. I don’t know if any of you will find this funny?  Personally… I found this hilarious!

Avoca is on the way to the East Coast. You take a left turn off the Midlands Highway just past Conara. This takes you past Avoca, Fingal and St Mary’s. We usually do this on our way to St Helens or when we stay a few nights at White Sands Resort which is a bit further south and is also the home to Iron House Brewery! There is a European style pancake place  on the Elephants Pass if you turn right at St Mary’s. Don’t forget to take cash if you do want some yummy pancakes.

Continuing on through St Mary’s and past St Patricks Head you enter St Mary’s Pass. Now St Mary’s Pass has been subject to floods and fires. The road seems to always be slipping away down into the valley below. It has been patched up dozens of time. It’s a scary little road when you have to pass trucks coming in the opposite direction and I find myself thanking God for the trees over the guide posts that would hopefully stop us from plummeting to our deaths if the verge decided to give way! As you can see I’m not a fan of this road. It’s the main thoroughfare for the East Coast and it’s a sure sign of the lacking wealth there is in Tasmania! It’s disgusting! Please feel free to click on the link I have connected to ‘St Mary’s Pass’ above, to read an article about it from The Examiner Newspaper.

Now I’ve gone off the beaten track… it’s time to reflect on this lovely museum we happen to visit each and every time we travel East! All I have to say is that there is never enough brochures to go around and the artwork stinks!

Have a great end to the week!