Going places!

Cradle Mountain by Naomi Petrack

Cradle Mountain by Naomi Petrack


I have been going through my old photos and moving them to a new drive. I do feel slightly uncomfortable not having print-outs or negatives. I am guessing I am not alone in this feeling. Of course people take so many more photos these days and it would take a room to store mine all printed out by the end of my career… Maybe sooner? But they are my legacy! A visual diary of a life lived! Really interesting for others to study in a 100 years time. My descendants maybe?

Anyhow, I came across this one. I actually sold a version some years back to be used in a brochure! I love it. The girls are tweens now. Time just flies! But it is also relevant to our lives now as we currently pack to travel for a few weeks. Unlike so many other families we know we will be staying in Australia. Probably spending twice as much by doing this but we have some family commitments along the way!

Looking forward to leaving this wet-windy State I’m sorry to say. It hasn’t been an easy winter for the outdoor pursuits with a family in-tow here in Tasmania!

I will be in touch!

Enjoy your October!



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