“Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme of the week)”

A Cradle Mountain detail!

A Cradle Mountain detail!

Now lots of people photograph the obvious up at Cradle. That being the mountain and the wildlife. The fagus turning golden. Waterfalls and muddy tracks but I must admit I enjoy photographing the obvious signs of wildlife. I’ll attach a picture also of Wombat Poo too. I’ve got a really good one of wombat poo during winter but I can’t find it in my archives so this is an autumn snap!

I am being serious with these shots. The different animals all have different shaped poo!

Anyway, now you have had a laugh.

Enjoy your night!



Tasmania Wombat Poo!

Tasmanian Wombat Poo!


6 thoughts on ““Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme of the week)”

  1. Had to give support to such an enquiring mind and eye for a shot. Animal droppings are so interesting I’m sad enough to have books on the subject. Droppings tell you so much about what’s around, what the creature ate, are they healthy, is the natural food supply available in sufficient quantities, etc. I encourage everyone with an interest in the natural world to explore ‘poo’ more often. Good luck with the blog.

    • Thanks for your post! I knew there must be some others out there that would find these interesting. I wonder though if your books include these animals? A lot of the plants they feed on up at Cradle are only found in a few places in the world.

  2. Um… great! Your animals sound so exotic! We live in England in a small village by the sea, and the villagers were very excited recently to come across some otter spraint (droppings) in a little stream – we have yet to see the otter!

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