Cradle Mountain in Autumn with Toddlers

For the love of the great outdoors!

For the love of the great outdoors!

This shot was taken a few autumns ago when life was slightly different to what it is now. It was before dragging kids off to school! Simple some might say, but busy in a physical way. So having the energy to go for a bush walk was not as it once was but soon recovered once on the track.

Walking with toddlers is a challenge. You have to be fit enough and know your limitations as to how far you can walk carrying a child. Sometimes they will want to walk a bit. Sometimes not! Plus other times they will sleep. So we found the backpack a great investment. Someone carries the food and coats and the other the baby-backpack.

Having kids has certainly limited the amount of places we can go and how long we go for but we love that they love it! There are years that one will decide it’s all a bit too much and so we have no end of headaches for the first hour, but after that it is all smooth sailing and becomes an adventure that surprisingly not many other kids seem to have! We find our contented happy faces out in the wild!

Nappy changing in the freezing winds is a bit of a hassle. Also you must remember that if you are walking in ice-cold winds and a child is sitting in a backpack that they are warmed in the body by you but their little limbs soon turn very, very cold and also if they sit too long they get pins and needles that hurt very much when they try and stand.

Keeping it short and sweet is my motto at the moment but would love to hear from others experiences in the great outdoors! Please feel free to share and leave a comment!

So excited about being autumn again. Cradle we will be heading you way again soon!

Have a great day!


Toddler and small child on the shoulders! What a man!

Toddler and small child on the shoulders! What a man!