Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

On the beach earlier on in the year!

On the beach earlier on in the year!

Appropriate I thought for this weeks photo challenge!

Have a great weekend!


I still haven’t found my ‘web-feet’!

As of yet I haven’t posted anything on my blog about the logic – so to speak –  behind some of our designs. This one is my hubby’s and a total boy thing but I can see where it comes from and why people like it! My boy is so clever!

It’s a gecko and he’s rock climbing. That’s the simple version. Quoted from our website in Boris’s words:

A limited edition tee.

Clinging in desperation. The crux seems impossible from this angle. Gathering strength – calculating the move, poised, there is only one way to go.
I’m a Gecko on the edge!!

A Gecko on the edge!

A Gecko on the edge!

He looks very vulnerable me thinks! It captures that sense of the need to take the next step into the unknown!

Appropriate ………………….

You know I find it the weirdest sensation owning a blog or a webpage. You know people are watching even if you’re not.  If you don’t access it everyday it seems that it just floats away from shore like a boat cast a drift on a rippling endless lake. Only the edge you stand upon seems clear. Then a few days or months later you use this edge  to wade into the cold dark water and drag your boat back to shore. Then you take time to dry yourself off before you enter your own created world. The one you have set afloat.

Now sometimes much to my disgust, I know that some of us, (Me included) are, and always have been, too honest for our own good. But I do live in the hope that one day that honesty will bring with it a certain kind of reward. I don’t know what yet? Maybe clarity? That would be good! But I resign to the fact that I think how I feel, and try and have faith that I’m not leading myself down the garden path or into the face of immanent disaster!

As we had child number three our little business was put on hold and so I in particular have gone months without looking at out beloved website. Tax time and now suddenly I’m updating inventory and trying to learn a bit more about the delicate intricacies that the world of the web provides. I’m doing this by surfing myself into more knowledge and without too much outside influence I’m heading in my own direction. Good or bad? I am unsure. Isn’t this world’s success measured by the connections we make? In thus I feel a total novice! Exposed. Set a drift in that little boat I so dutifully waded back to shore.

I do choose to keep on searching. I’m creating not only in the artistic sense. But the way I traverse my way though the land of ‘www’. I share my blog on our Facebook page. I want to learn how our website works now so I can download onto that. How does it all interconnect? (That’s a biggy!) How do people find me? How do I find them? My dreams may only be ‘my’ delusions but it keeps me going.

 Enjoy your HUMp day


Paradise comes with it’s own costs! OR Midlife Crisis?

I'm like a bird, I want to fly away.....But I know where my home is!

I’m like a bird, I want to fly away…..But I know where my home is!

White Goshawk. Always a friendly face when we see him! Ok Unless we have baby chicks running about! But totally unrelated to the story I’m about to tell!

Now all my blogs have been light hearted and not at all controversial. I’m just a simple lass after all. But as I sit here in my cold house on a wet winters day in August. Trying to keep my toddler warm without costing us a fortune in electricity costs I just feel the need to vent a little.

Please be aware that this is not in anyway meant to upset anyone. It’s all about ME! And I think the beginnings of a midlife -crisis!

About the heating… We installed a heat pump and we were so close to pulling out the wood heater but are so thankful we didn’t as electricity bills have gone up so much in the last few years that this is the third winter we haven’t afforded to put it on. But wood costs to buy too you say. Yes it does. We buy, scrounge off cuts from a mill with all the rehoused refugees and buy a licence each year to cut wood. This is time we could be spending as a family between school and all the other commitments children seem to accumulate as they grow. No we must cut wood. That leads me to renovating….

We have renovated each of the two homes we have lived in over 20 years. (That is we sold one to buy the next). In this house that we have gone into debit further to extend and replace the roof which would have caused the whole house to eventually collapse in years to come due to dodgy illegal renovations 20-30 years before we bought it.. Still hasn’t got a new kitchen. It would be maybe 30-40 years old. We can’t afford to replace it. We will continue to spend our precious time, money as we have it and youth to perfecting our home without outside aide until we are too old and then who knows?

I’m not complaining but setting the scene here. We have not paid for anyone to paint our old house. We have done this ourselves over years. My hubby built our deck. The constant maintenance on an old house is our love as well as looking after the garden and it’s dozen bloody roses bushes! And we are so very grateful to have it mortgaged in our name.

It all takes time. More affluent Australian’s spend their time dining out or going overseas for holidays while a paid gardener/cleaner/painter looks after their assets! But that is their luck. We have luck in other areas of life, being the fact we have 3 of the most beautiful creatures that have ever lived as our children. We give them all we can.

I am reaching 40 now and I can see clearly the sacrifices I have made in the name of the obviously “out-of-date’ Aussie dream of a supportive partner, a job, house and children. (We can’t afford the vet fees to consider the dog!) Plus we stayed in Tassie!  I will have bugger all ‘super’ when I retire. I wonder what that will bring when so many couples choose not to have children? They will live like kings while parents who have grown the next generation of Australian’s will  live like poorpers in a country that pretends to support the needs of middle class Australian’s?????? OR will Super be so taxed that the scarifies they have made NOT to have children wont make them any better off????

Yes we pay for a Catholic Education. We struggle to do what we think is right! Hike up the prices there Mr Priminister and see how you can afford to keep thousands of extra children educated in State schools when the average Aussie’s who pay for schooling can’t push themselves to pay the fees anymore!

As of last year I have a cert III in Education Support. Didn’t realise at the time that there was NO JOBS and after working 1 term in a school have no job security and no paid holidays, no nothing! How can I afford to pay for childcare ‘just incase ‘ a school can afford an Aide for a day here and there????? Hence my hands are totally tied until my youngest goes to school in 2015! Give the schools more money for crying out loud!

There isn’t much opportunity for employment here in Tasmania and while I was bed ridden with my pregnancies my career in graphics slipped away. No temping agencies in Launi! I have tried to reinvent myself half a dozen times and will continue to try until something gives me the flexibility to work and look after a home and nuture a family without setting  my marriage on a path to destruction. Too many paths leading away from home for too long is no good! I don’t want to ever get divorced! I do not want ever for my children to feel I have neglected them!  Is my choice wrong?

But I DO, want to be able to bring in a little bit of money and I want our business to take off in some direction that will keep me interested and make enough from it to give it and me purpose. That would be SUPER FANTASTIC!

I feel time is starting to grow short for me in as far as getting my career underway. I really hope I am wrong!

I don’t remember facts and figures regarding politics and rising debit but I do know all I hear at the moment is negative to my situation! Money needs to be spent to upgrade infrastructure. I worry about medical needs when we are ill. Even with Private Health Insurance??????? What a farce really. Anyway, we wont go there. I don’t take my children to the doctors like I used to as we simply can’t afford to. We make do! Google is a great tool!

This is leading me to mention the local News report on TV last night. It showed a picture of our Premier and the State’s growing unemployment percentages. In 2 years the unemployment rate has jumped by 3%. (Over 8% now!) That’s not including me and others like me trying to scratch something out of working from home. My other siblings have had to move away and have no children to make a good living!

I don’t mind battling I really don’t. It keeps you humble and it’s good for the sole. But only to an extent. Prolonged abuse and I am concerned our health will suffer! My husband works full-time and also he has taken onboard a Masters degree in what can’t be classed as spare time! It is during the night. 2-4 hours in bed a night he gets! Why is he doing this? We both aren’t quite sure yet but maybe it might help somewhere down the track? But we have to do something to maybe help our cause even when the path is unclear! But it is clear only 1 of us can complete uni at a time in this juggle!

I am concerned that the cost of giving our children the same options we had is becoming beyond our reach! I’m worried about where the money will come from. Where have the days gone where a Father’s wage supported the family and the Mother’s meagre earnings were the icing on the cake so that the children could have a week away at the beach in summer? Everything is so much more expensive! Don’t get me started on groceries and how ‘up-with-it’ I have to be with Flybuy tokens to get $20’s off! What….. no not going there!

Made in Tassie and proud. But how much is it worth to stay here? I wont be voting Labor I’m sorry to say. It’s time to see if Liberal can change things for me and don’t give me “It’s all about the global financial crisis”.  I don’t think either party can help. But it’s worth a try? … Maybe? Hey, America was up the shit yesterday almost in collapse. Now their dollar is worth more than ours again and climbing! Are we almost in collapse now? I’m confused?

The bottom line though is as I said, “I’m just a simple middle class  AUSTRALIAN/tasmanian what do I know??” But I do know I live in paradise. I don’t live in a war zone nor have I had to live through a natural disaster. (Though they have occurred here in Tassie in the form of bush fires!) I also have many good people around me. There is also opportunity though limited, there is. AND WE HAVE OUR HEALTH! So why am I complaining? I have just come to the realisation that paradise this may be, but it comes it seems with it’s own costs! ………… or is it midlife crisis?

Have a good weekend


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

The Hazards - Coles Bay from Friendly Beaches

The Hazards – Coles Bay from Friendly Beaches

This is also a photo I’ve used on cards for Catapult Earth! I really love this shot and it fits with the challenge for the week!

Enjoy your week!


Meander – Meandering!

Meander Falls State Reserve Walks Signage

Meander Falls State Reserve walks signage

We headed off to walk the Split Rock Falls circuit today. We started off fairly late but our book of 100 great walks in Tassie told us it only takes 2 1/2 hours so that should have been do-able even with the lack of daylight hours in winter.

When we arrived at the carpark we discovered a hand written sign to say we must allow another 2 hours return to the trip as there is no longer a bridge over the river but a line of boulders to stop us driving any further. Hmmmmm, not good! Not good at all! The guide book didn’t tell us about this and it had poor maps of the area. Plus the Navman is certainly not cut out for bush trails so we decided just to follow the road up a little further and see what happens.

Oh No the Bridge has gone!

Oh No…. the Bridge has gone!

As it was, gulping and holding our breath as we passed over a very rocky, potholed road in a car made only for sealed cruising, we found another fallen bridge and this signified the start of the track to Mother Cummings Peak. We had traveled quite a way up the foot hills and it was just looming there looking at us from through the trees.

To walk up there would still be too long-a-walk for our family, but the Chasm Falls says 1.5 hours return. Perfect!

Add another half an hour to this I think!

Add another half an hour to this I think!

So we prepared for our walk. Gaters on to stop the leeches and new backpacks for the girls so they can finally carry their own water and snacks. Then we came across another slight obstacle…….. the river.

The River Crossing from the iPhone!

The river crossing from the iPhone!

We wondered if this fungi was dense or hollow?

We wondered if this fungi was dense or hollow?

“I don’t like it” Toddler had good reason to be afraid with Mum and Dad carrying her across the rapid covered rocks. But it was all part of the fun and soon we were all across and heading up the old road to where ever? It didn’t really matter. We were just happy to be out and about!

Track to Smoko Falls

Track to Smoko Falls

After half and hour or so up hill we find old signs to a few different walks. Looks like an exciting cross road but it was 1:45pm and the sun was disappearing rapidly behind the mountains. We played in some snow as we read the sign that Chasm Falls was still an hour return. No good. We would need to add at least another half an hour onto that and then there was the walk back to the car. We would be driving out in the dark. This was not desirable.

Fun in a tiny patch of snow!

Fun in a tiny patch of snow!

So, with the mountains taunting us through the trees we reluctantly turned back and headed down the overgrown road once more.

One of the Peaks taunting us from behind the bushes!

One of the Peaks taunting us from behind the bushes!

We will be back though.We are eager to discover what Meander Falls State Reserve has to offer! It was the only place we found today above the fog. It was a good place to be today!

Fog glorious fog!

Fog glorious fog!

Happy walking and have a flabby week!


Snow and Ice – The Best Bush Walk Ever! – Ben Lomond

I don't like the idea of this Mum! I wouldn't mind it if you took me home now!

I don’t like the idea of this Mum! I wouldn’t mind it if you took me home now!

Two-year-old “I want Mummy!”

Dad “We are just going for a little walk up the mountain not far.”

Two-year-old “No I don’t want to go up. Me want to go home with Mummy!”

Hmmmm was this a good sign or what? (Yes she does speak that well!). With a sigh and no expectations about getting further than a few hundred meters we move on.

Dad had packed all the coats and nibbles in his hiking pack and THIS TIME, 2 year old got her way and got to sit on Dad’s shoulders for 95% of the walk. Rather than sitting in the toddler backpack. The walk took 4.5 hours!

This is where I'm meant to be on a bush walk!

This is where I’m meant to be on a bush walk!

Now the Ben Lomond Carr Villa track is meant to be a 3-4 hours return journey and for others and in summertime it would be just that but our girls decided they hadn’t been ice skating for AGES and as most of the track was ice, they had a lovely time. Skating on the way up. Breaking ice on the way down. And when they weren’t preoccupied with ice (and snow) they were photographing it! Daughter number one actually put Mummy to shame this trip! She was very trigger happy! I am yet to see her shots, but look forward to them.

Amazing crystal formations in the snow here and my camera has run out of memory! Argh!

Amazing crystal formations in the snow here and my camera has run out of memory! Argh!

Look guys a heart shape in the ice!

Look guys a heart shape in the ice!

The first section which takes about half an hour consists of walking on scree through the low shrubs. This of course is unstable underfoot and hence the early realisation that toddler was a bit scared and was better on the shoulders. No convincing someone this stubborn without experience, so Dad resigns to the fact its time to carry her. I’m not much help after surgery in December. I’m not up to carrying anything much other than my camera and rather large lens. So until I’m fit again it’s up to Dad to carry the heavy stuff!

"I want to get down and skate on the ice for a bit Daddy!"

“I want to get down and skate on the ice for a bit Daddy!”

We had a short drink stop at the top of the big opening and then continued to find ice appear on the track as the track started to flattern out. This is when the trip slowed down. We were following the snow pole line which leads up at a distance, past Misery Bluff 1500m.

We then hit a boulder field where the girls were fascinated with the ice crystals in the snow.

Plains of Heaven

Plains of Heaven – following the snow pole line

Amazing how these sturdy highland plants withstand the weight of the ice and snow.

Amazing how these sturdy highland plants withstand the weight of the ice and snow.

Once on the Plains of Heaven we skated ourselves along the flat to the summit pass 1518m and this is where we stopped and had some vegimite sandwiches and a thermos full of tinned spagetti. The sky was so blue. Just a cool breeze and a lot of snow and ice to keep us amused. That was all we needed!

After an icy snowball fight and several damp bottoms from skating accidents it was time to head back down the mountain. The toddler was really into it now and was happy to walk holding our hands for a bit giving “Power Horse”, “Super Dad” a bit of a rest.

Check out this ice guys!

Check out this ice guys!

No hiccups on the way down other than a little reminder to daughter number two that she has to carry her own coat! I wish I could say this was advice accepted with ‘grace’ but it wasn’t to be. Hence Dad with toddler on the shoulders and big girl scooted on ahead while I worked on getting daughter number two down and in a happy mood!

Slipper up hill bit to the pass

Slipper up hill bit to the pass

Time to head back down now. "But we haven't made a snowman yet!"

Time to head back down now. “But we haven’t made a snowman yet!”

All that done we arrived back at the Scout Hut to sleeping two year old and Tim-Tams to share.

Very successful day. But you can never plan for a good day. If it works out that way then it’s when we get lucky! And we got lucky yesterday at Ben Lomond. It was a glorious day with number two admitting it was her favourite bush walk EVER!……. Just on the quiet…….she says that every time! (Very cute!)

Enjoy these crisp, cold, bright, winter days!


3pm and the ice is still stuck hard to the snow pole!

3pm and the ice is still stuck hard to the snow pole!