Curtain Call for Catapult Earth – Thank you for those that have supported us!

Catapult Earth

Catapult Earth

It’s been a learning experience. I realise we tried to start a business and then had baby number 3 so that limited my capacity to go out selling our tees. If only we had cracked the www. market, or even the mainland market maybe??  We missed out on a grant. No networks. So many factors that ultimately has meant no more fabulous tees made here in Tasmania.

How can we compete with the big outdoor gear labels when they sell 2 x merino tees for $50? Our tees cost more than that per unit to make! …. But it was never about competing! It was just about creating and making an income from something that was going to grow and evolve overtime. Giving people an opportunity to own something unique and made with love. Something limited. A walking piece of art!

Maybe that’s the wrong attitude? It was never meant to be a short term investment but after 5 years of planning, creating and bringing our business into being it’s time to read the writing on the wall! Not once have we had any negative feedback. We haven’t had much of a budget for advertising. We maybe should have not put our tees into shops on commission as there is no incentive to sell? Who knows. Ultimately I believe our drive was purely creative and not selling… We thought the word would spread. But it’s just not the right product.

But I still have this unfulfilled drive to create a business that works for us and the family. I wont be going away. At the moment though we are at a loss to know where to start. Children get sick and being number 1 carer, taxi driver, chef, gardener… the list goes on. But over the next 2 – 3 years I feel a change in the wind. When all are at school. I just have to be more patient and just keep researching when I can. Talking to people and believing that I might still be able to make something work in the end?

Anyhow, we have limited numbers of merino tees left. I’ll forward the list here incase anyone is interested in getting in touch. They are very limited and very unique. Designed and made in Tasmania. There aren’t many things that can boast of this. And a bargain at $90 plus freight. Email me if you are interested at

Thank you again to those who did buy a tee! We are humbled by your support and we are sorry to let you down. We know some of you bought over consecutive years and were eager for more! Believe me, we wanted to give you more! ….. All good though. Stay tuned for the next big thing 😉

Have a fabulous day! 🙂


Elements – Women’s Merino
Large: 2 x Red
1 x Brown
Medium:3 x Brown
Small:1 x Red


Blown Away – Women’s Merino
Large:1 x Blue
1 x Green
Medium:5 x Blue
1 x Grey
Small:1 x Blue
Blown Away

Blown Away

Catapulted – Women’s Merino
XLarge:1 x Green
2 x Red
Large:1 x Green
2 x Red
1 x Brown
Medium:3 x Red
3 x Brown


Man V’s Rock – Men’s Merino
Large:2 x Red
Medium:4 x Medium
Small:1 x Green
Man V's Rock

Man V’s Rock

Aqualung – Men’s Merino
Small: 1 x Blue


Elements – Mens Merino
XLarge: 1 x Brown
Large:4 x Brown
Medium:3 x Brown
Small: 4 x Brown


Freak Out – Men’s Merino
XLarge:2 x Green
Large:5 x Green
Medium:3 x Medium
Small: 1 x Small
Freak Out

Freak Out



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