Meander – Meandering!

Meander Falls State Reserve Walks Signage

Meander Falls State Reserve walks signage

We headed off to walk the Split Rock Falls circuit today. We started off fairly late but our book of 100 great walks in Tassie told us it only takes 2 1/2 hours so that should have been do-able even with the lack of daylight hours in winter.

When we arrived at the carpark we discovered a hand written sign to say we must allow another 2 hours return to the trip as there is no longer a bridge over the river but a line of boulders to stop us driving any further. Hmmmmm, not good! Not good at all! The guide book didn’t tell us about this and it had poor maps of the area. Plus the Navman is certainly not cut out for bush trails so we decided just to follow the road up a little further and see what happens.

Oh No the Bridge has gone!

Oh No…. the Bridge has gone!

As it was, gulping and holding our breath as we passed over a very rocky, potholed road in a car made only for sealed cruising, we found another fallen bridge and this signified the start of the track to Mother Cummings Peak. We had traveled quite a way up the foot hills and it was just looming there looking at us from through the trees.

To walk up there would still be too long-a-walk for our family, but the Chasm Falls says 1.5 hours return. Perfect!

Add another half an hour to this I think!

Add another half an hour to this I think!

So we prepared for our walk. Gaters on to stop the leeches and new backpacks for the girls so they can finally carry their own water and snacks. Then we came across another slight obstacle…….. the river.

The River Crossing from the iPhone!

The river crossing from the iPhone!

We wondered if this fungi was dense or hollow?

We wondered if this fungi was dense or hollow?

“I don’t like it” Toddler had good reason to be afraid with Mum and Dad carrying her across the rapid covered rocks. But it was all part of the fun and soon we were all across and heading up the old road to where ever? It didn’t really matter. We were just happy to be out and about!

Track to Smoko Falls

Track to Smoko Falls

After half and hour or so up hill we find old signs to a few different walks. Looks like an exciting cross road but it was 1:45pm and the sun was disappearing rapidly behind the mountains. We played in some snow as we read the sign that Chasm Falls was still an hour return. No good. We would need to add at least another half an hour onto that and then there was the walk back to the car. We would be driving out in the dark. This was not desirable.

Fun in a tiny patch of snow!

Fun in a tiny patch of snow!

So, with the mountains taunting us through the trees we reluctantly turned back and headed down the overgrown road once more.

One of the Peaks taunting us from behind the bushes!

One of the Peaks taunting us from behind the bushes!

We will be back though.We are eager to discover what Meander Falls State Reserve has to offer! It was the only place we found today above the fog. It was a good place to be today!

Fog glorious fog!

Fog glorious fog!

Happy walking and have a flabby week!



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