The Cataract Gorge Reserve – Duck Reach Power Station Circuit and a Toddler Backpack!

Other side of the creek from theDaffodil Walk

Walking from home. What a great autumn day! We haven’t tried this walk for a few years as a family! Certainly not with number 3!

The day started well with lots of skipping and smiling faces. An interesting creature or coloured tree every few steps. I actually let myself be truly happy for a little bit! The big girls are seasoned walkers now but the crazy toddler decided she was a big kid too. Run 20 paces up hill then drop the shoulders and the lip…”Me worned out now!” She exclaimed. Well this went on for a bit until we really had to put her in the carry pack! “Hard work Mumma!”

There was a reasonable climb up over rocks that a shorty girl would have trouble conquering! It would only take 10-15 minutes for the rest of us. Just a short trip in the backpack. There was nothing for it but to get her in there…. But “NO!” was our answer every which-way we explained it. No bribing with milk, no after demonstrations from big sissies! Hahaha! Number two will not be happy I shared! …..

A Heavy Load!

So we strapped her in kicking and screaming hoping that she would ‘Get over it” in a few minutes…..

No! Not today! So the 10-15 minutes was devoid of usual wildlife and really quite disturbing!… Nevermind! Big hugs all round. Mummy to the rescue and then she was off again racing the big girls for a bit. Walking with a stick for a cane and holding it well away from herself when she ran! (Worked that one out herself!), until she was “Bit tired, carry me!”…..


Stuffed giraffe had the cushy seat! Toddler chose the shoulders with built in head rest! She was also high enough away from Dad’s pockets with leeches onboard! Two big suckers we found!

Pocket Leech!

So after all these dramas we made it down to Duck Reach Power Station and were disappointed with all the blackberry and broken glass down under the bridge. That made it hard to rock-hop. So deciding not to linger we took the main path from Duck Reach to the Gorge, counting down the numbered 2k walk by the signs on the ground every 100 metres. Then back to the Gorge Restaurant for a bucket of hot chips and a run around with the peacocks before we set off home.

All in all the walk took us 3+ hours. It was a lovely day! But next time we have decided to take a proper backpack with some proper supplies other than just water. Fruit!As for the toddler backpack filled with stuffed animals (and Monster High dolls), It has served us well over the past 10 years! But it might be time to hang it up for good!…. But she’s only 2!…. The more you have, it is true what they say… The faster they grow!

Enjoy your week!

You just gotta laugh!


One thought on “The Cataract Gorge Reserve – Duck Reach Power Station Circuit and a Toddler Backpack!

  1. I’ve been to Cataract Gorge! It was great. I’ll have to post my photos on my blog one day. It sounds like you had a lovely time on your family walk 🙂
    It’s true what they say. My number 3 just turned 18 and I don’t know where the time went 🙂

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