Tessellated Wanderings!

The Tessellated Pavement at Eaglehawk Neck

The Tessellated Pavement at Eaglehawk Neck

The Tessellated Pavement on the Tasman Peninsular is a bit of fun to visit.

It is situated a little north of Eaglehawk Neck. A narrow isthmus which is steeped in convict history. The infamous ‘Dog Line’ was stationed here. This was created for the convicts who managed to escape Port Arthur. It was a line of men with lamps and nasty dogs that were stationed to stop the poor wretches from passing. They must have thought themselves with no hope when looking at the terrain and endless bush to a civilisation many miles away….  Without even comprehending the horrendous dog line!

Thankfully no such thing exists now and the girls enjoyed their experience. This consisted of wading along the wet rocks while gentle waves lapped the rock shelf. It was a wet day, but gorgeous.

There is an abundance of sea life around this area and scuba diving is a big thing. The girls are keen to come back when the weather is warmer and have a snorkel.

Hell-On-Earth for a convict but stunningly beautiful to experience while wrapped in warm dry clothes, with a full belly, adequate transport and One Direction bleeding…. oh I mean blaring in ones ears.

Enjoy your day!



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