A Perfect Day on the Beach for the Family at Bridport

Bridport, North East Coast, Tasmania

Bridport, North East Coast, Tasmania

Lazy Sunday Afternoon!
AAAHHHHHHhhh! What can a say! Nothing seems to beat a perfect day on the beach! That is exactly what you would call yesterday at Bridport Beach here in Tassie!

It was hot, but not so hot that it was unbearable. I made sure everyone was sufficiently covered in sunscreen as I can’t stand sunburn. We fared well after 4 hours in the hot midday sun.

There was a slight breeze, but nothing that pushed the sand around. Just nice enough to keep you cool. Happy Kids are happy parents and after packing the boot in preparation for any kind of weather we were amazed to find we didn’t need even our spring-suits. They stayed safely packed away with the raincoats this trip.

Also it’s always a bit dicey as to whether we can please both age groups, but the toddler was happy amusing herself in the sand. She was quiet horrified with the tiny waves chasing her. Big kids on their almost outgrown boogie boards were contented catching the almost non-exsistent waves. But they did catch them…… that was the fun of it!

March it seems is usually a beautiful time of the year. No wind and warm days. The nights are starting to get longer and there is a chill in the air first thing. But I love this time of the year.


Enjoy your week guys!


P.S. Boris is wearing a organic cotton Catapult Earth Tee! Have to mention it!

Buckets of Fun!

Buckets of Fun!

Boogie Boarding

Boogie Boarding


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