A Drizzly Day Off!


Now to be totally honest, the bulk use for our tees these days are for hanging around in! This morning was such a Catapult Earth moment. That being the times when you can sit and breathe the air and enjoy the trees.
The weather has been far too hot for bush walking in my opinion. Bush walking in Tasmania is much nicer when the weather is overcast and drizzly. I hate getting sunburnt! It also being really nice today as it’s still warm weather.
Another month and things will start to cool off and we will be preparing to visit Cradle Mountain to see the Fagus turn golden.
I’ve attached the view from head quarters! Just glorious! Although the day will probably unfold with the preparing for a busy week ahead. We are living in the ‘out-there’ and loving the times we get to reflect and smell it. We are so lucky to be able to do this everyday. What a great place to live.
Enjoy your week all!


PS. Don’t know what Fagus is? http://www.parks.tas.gov.au/index.aspx?base=3244


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